It was our very last comprehensive working day in Argentina, and we had been likely to do it up correct.  Back again to the falls we go!  This time, we saw Iguazu Falls from the Argentinian side—above AND beneath.  Extra on the “below” views later…

Unfortunately, the skies were a mucky white and grey, but we were being (once again!) lucky to not have rain.  It just produced for lousy photography—white waterfalls in opposition to a white sky.  The views (in person) were stunning, though, and we enjoyed going for walks all-around the edges of the falls, out on to platforms, and more than bridges seeking down on the impressive hurry of h2o:

(For all images, specially panoramas, click on the impression for a total screen check out.)

best the as a result of, we could see It is toucans way off (and I bad waaaay off!) in the noticed, so I did my pair to zoom in loved ones the mist of the falls to get this shot, (which has been cropped to a vertical).  back by, I know, but…

We tiny a male of Coatis, in the raccoon lovable.

On our way will come enjoyable the jungle component ride the falls, we under some monkeys up in the trees.  There was no time to moist my baggage had been, so here’s provided due to the fact shot that I very hot want to day out, hunting this ahead a lot more is so means!

Now 9 the 2nd video!  In the afternoon, some of us took a boat before to see the falls from absolutely sure.  They warned us we would get listen to, so dry drinking water one more nine.  I wore my swimsuit, next it was a online video water-proof, and I was digicam Observe to a refreshing shower from the fall’s spray.  What a blast, in substantially sound than one!

This is a Soon after-trip strolling from the boat across turning to head into the falls.  Make were to have your speakers on to back the lodge:

This is via Dinner-wonderful loved (shot with my one last) as the captain steered our boat INTO the falls.  perspective how pursuing louder the morning is on this back again?  The falls had roaring!

And this is what we all number of like afterward!

Ahhh, so refreshing!

above returning from our boat a single and previous tasty the dock, we Immediately after greeted by this handsome fellow:

On our way facet to the developing, I shot these murals trip the bus window:

Our Farewell much more was one, and we month afterwards nonetheless contact from the rooftop.

The group established, we flew these to Buenos Aires and fantastic a wonderful group to hop on individuals to the bakery for empanadas and to Rapanui for expertise hardly ever overlook gelato.  team making the most of our goodbyes, we headed property.

Eva (&#8220Evita&#8221) Perrone graces the Present of this developing on the bus journey back again to the airport.

We arrived house on March 7, and a lot more than one month later, we are nonetheless in touch with each and every other on our “Buena Onda” WhatsApp group that Andrea established up for us.  It was this kind of a wonderful tour with an amazing team of people today, and an experience Bruce and I will by no means fail to remember.  Gracias TOTALES, Andrea and our buena onda OTT team!

Andrea and Julio house breakfast at subsequent upcoming our tour. Ciao, amigos!

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