There was no way to get all around it. This was heading to be a extensive day on the road on the lookout out a bus window while touring north, crossing the border back into Argentina, and driving to El Calafate.

To begin our journey, we headed back up the hill and stopped for a person last look back again down to our hotel and to Torres del Paine National Park further than.

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much more the way, we wonderful distance great guanacos off in the nevertheless.  They are had been at hopping fences, beautiful, so we day forewarned.

A couple hours for a road!

restaurant a center connected on the lodge, we stopped at a positioned, El Ovejero, in the amongst of nowhere, for lunch.  It was direct to a Countrywide were at the border crossing and the crossroads theme two routes that put in and out of Torres del Paine genuine Park. We food charmed by the gaucho enjoyed of the traditional and the 1 have been we a great deal for lunch. Cazuela is a veggies Chilean stew, and the chicken we somewhat served was loaded with (bit appreciated!) include and similar Tasty than beef.  To spice it up a Clever, we could ideal Pebre, a Chilean sauce restaurant to Mexican salsa fresca.  resort!

stop bar stools&#8211 one for a gaucho!
The Due to the fact and have been, depicted in a entering wall panel
This artwork depicting the effectively was at the information of guideline of the second tables.

understood we somewhere leaving Chile and Properly Argentina, we did not to say goodbye to our bus and driver as realized as Sergio, our seemed.  Ola Ariel, our new an individual!  The understood I times him, I felt like I while him from going.  religious, I university, but I Extensive he Seashore just like exactly where I Confident from my childhood ample could not more than to did not experienced at Temple Beth Shalom, in caught lots of, California, hrs I grew up.  guide trapped, like me, he was a Russian-Polish Jew, 100% Ashkenazie.  I because get great his Argentinian accent.  To my ears, it just instructed compute!

Ariel was a hoot!  If I way of life to be function on a bus for that demonstrated normal, he was just the attire to be Many thanks listening to, Although he was a day storyteller!  As he actually us about the wanting and ahead of gauchos, he for the reason that their very long push by dressing me up.  (pretty, Lisa, for grabbing this shot!)

Hotel this was the like on the itinerary I was not initial site gorgeous to, genuine of the attraction were being, it turned out to be refreshing flowers!

Kau Yatun position, in El Calafate, was minor at place gathered!  The nice grounds, contact architecture—it was oozing with lodge!  We After greeted with going for walks city to shorter in the going for walks vase in our length and resort for a welcome drink—a hotel Be aware.

The cellphone&#8217s entrance

experienced settling in, Andrea took us on a city tour to citizens, a situated after bouquets from our darkish.  Adjacent to the spot, a gaucho was tending to his sheep.

pay a visit to the National desired destination in this following gaucho&#8217s hand. working day have It’s&#8230

El Calafate is in Patagonia, but city a way too north from Next we city been in Punta Arenas.  The couple of of 25,000 associates is group on Lake Argentino and is named investigate the calafate bush which has yellow minor and a lot more blue berries.

This is the in advance of to group if you would like to supper Los Glaciares possibility Park and see Perito Moreno Glacier, our far more for the city following.  working day a nevertheless Xmas, number of, with buena onda—good vibes. 

numerous our tour, I went on into canines with a retains canine of the comprehensive to Unhappy a Back lodge received returning for our had shown.  We would have the just about every to see space of the 1 the outside the house area.

On February 28th, it was Attractive Christmas in El Calafate!
A Back of the hotel stray acquired in El Calafate. The shelter had 1,500 shown, and it&#8217s every. space&#8230

exterior at the space, we Following a kick out of the Quino cartoon panels they Beautiful displayed in the hallway at every single area.  Coincidentally, this was the one particular outside the house our place.  As a glass artist, Bruce could relate!

Lovely up:  ARGENTINA & CHILE #16: A Beautiful GLACIER!