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If you’re visiting Denver, chances are you’ve likely been told to visit Meow Wolf. I know while planning my trip, my brother (a local) kept incessantly telling me that I had to go. So, with my best friend by my side, we spent 4 hours discovering this otherworldly space! In this post, I’ll provide my full Meow Wolf Denver Convergence Station review based on my experience! This way, you can decide if Meow Wolf is worth visiting during your stay.

What Is Meow Wolf Denver?

At its core, Meow Wolf Denver is an incredibly interactive art experience. It opened in September of 2021 and is part of the larger Meow Wolf entertainment group. This Sante Fe-based company is known for collaborating with thousands of artists to create fantastical spaces that blend art, technology, and storytelling in unique and highly immersive ways.

The Meow Wolf Denver location is the third and largest exhibit to date. Within the sprawling, 4-level space, you can “travel to 4 different alien worlds”, filled with surreal landscapes, intricate art installations, and hidden interactive elements. Each room and corridor offers a different visual and sensory experience, encouraging exploration and engagement.

A picture of the whimsical designs found in Numina, one of the worlds at Meow Wolf Denver.
Just a glimpse into one of the converged worlds at Meow Wolf Denver!

Aside from Convergence Station Meow Wolf Denver, there are a few other Meow Wolf locations: House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Mega Mart in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the Real Unreal in Grapevine, Texas. Oh, and there’s a fifth location coming soon in Houston, Texas! I’m yet to visit other locations, but friends have told me that the Mega Mart one is an absolute must — so stay tuned for that review in the future! 🤠

Understanding the Q Pass

One of the options you’ll have when purchasing your ticket is to also add on a $3 Q-Pass. A Q-Pass is an RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) card designed to enhance your experience by helping you better understand the Convergence Station narrative.

How it works is that you purchase one Q-Pass per group. Then, as you navigate through the various spaces, you can tap on terminals scattered around Meow Wolf. When you do this, you’ll unlock “memories” from “characters” in the Convergence Station Storyline. These memories might be text that you read, short videos revealing what happened, or instructions telling you to go somewhere specific.

In addition, your Q-Pass allows you to create certain effects and participate in a mission that’s not available to visitors without the Q-Pass. I’ll explain more about my experience with the Q pass in the next section. But, the main takeaway is that I’d recommend getting the Q-pass as it allows you to have a more engaging experience with the installations around Meow Wolf!

A picture of the Q pass card that you can purchase and use to interact with terminals at Convergence Station.
As you can see, my friend and I got the Q-Pass and recommend you do too! I’ll explain why below! 😉

Meow Wolf Denver Review

To start, there are four converged worlds you can explore: Numina (woodland fairy vibes), C Street (anarchist New York City), Ossuary (a cold, subterranean-esque space filled with minerals and crystals), and Eemia (a giant ice palace).

From the Quantum Department of Transportation (QDOT) or the lobby, my friend and I checked out Numina first. The moment we stepped into the room, I was mesmerized by all the details and glowing colors. It was like a more colorful version of Avatar. I distinctly remember my first words being, “I imagine this is what a psychedelic dream looks like in the physical form” because everything looked unbelievable and so impressive. 🤩

A picture of the creative artwork and structures in Numina at Meow Wolf Denver.
Part of Numina
A picture of the ice palace found in Eemia at Meow Wolf Denver.
Part of Eemia

However, as we explored the various worlds, it was also a bit overwhelming and overstimulating at times. I felt like I couldn’t process it all because there was so much. And, I couldn’t always understand how some of the rooms connected to the overarching theme of the world, or it felt like they were overdoing it. For instance, an area with high-frequency flashing lights hurt my brain if I spent too much time looking at it. That said, you get kinda desensitized over time.

What I did appreciate and enjoy the most were the little interactive bits. An example is in C-street, there are a couple of arcade-style games you can play with a friend. Or, if you pick up a phone and dial a number in the directory, the phones in the corresponding rooms ring. I figured this out when answering a ringing phone, and some girl in another part of Meow Wolf began chatting with me.

A picture of a makeshift snack shop with a Q-pass terminal in the corner.
One of my favorite art displays 😅 Notice the Q-pass terminal

Don’t Forget The Q-Pass

My friend and I were honestly on the fence about getting the Q-Pass since we thought the experience was expensive already. But, we decided to add it because it was only an extra $3, and we didn’t know when or if we would be back.

By the time we left, though, I was so glad we got it. The Q-Pass gave us a purpose and something specific to do aside from just looking at the artwork. At some point, our focus eventually shifted from “Let’s explore all the rooms to see the artwork” to “We need to find every terminal and unlock all the memories.”

The one complaint I have is that they don’t explain what the *goal* is. A staff member hands you your card at the entrance and says tap on the swirly symbol on the terminal. Super helpful. 🙃 In fact, I’m fairly certain we found every terminal and still didn’t understand if there was some point other than learning tiny pieces of the Convergence Station story. 😂

It wasn’t until we interacted with a lurking staff member, and he mentioned the little “gateway to the infinite” that we could unlock. From then on, we were hooked on figuring out what he meant, and it became a race against closing time.

A picture of one of the art installations in the Ossuary.
Do you think he’s hiding a secret?
A picture of some planets and their orbits on the ceiling of the eemia world.
Don’t forget to look up!

Tips for Using the Q Pass

I won’t spoil it for you, but if you’re interested in doing the little Easter egg, here are some tips. First, you’ve got to unlock a lot of memories. This means visiting the same terminals multiple times, just not consecutively.

Secondly, pay attention to the memories with longer dialogues and watch the memories with videos. The mystery with the four forgotten women will make a lot more sense when you do. Finally, be observant while walking around. The memories will eventually tell you to visit specific places or find particular terminals. If you don’t remember at least the general locations, it’ll feel like finding a needle in a haystack!

So if you’ve got the time, money, and patience, I’d recommend the Q-Pass! It was pretty fun, and I felt pretty cool while everyone in the vicinity watched me solve the puzzle and unlock the gateway.

A picture of the glowing orbs on the ceiling of one of the rooms in the Numina world of Meow Wolf Denver.
🥹 I felt like I had gone on an adventure into the stomach with Ms. Frizzle and the magic school bus! 🚌

Is Meow Wolf Worth It?

Based on everything above, I definitely think Meow Wolf is worth visiting. My friend and I had a blast and were raving about it to my brother (who has been 4 times). Turns out, despite his many visits, he didn’t even know that you could solve the cosmic mystery of the four forgotten women. So, this is a little testament that there are always new quirks to discover while visiting.

That said, unless I was visiting with several people who had never been before, I don’t think I would pay to visit again. It’s just too expensive for me to visit again for fun, and they understandably don’t rotate out the art installations. Add in the fact that I did most of what you can do with the Q-pass, and there’s no real reason for me to return unless they add more interactive elements. But, if it’s your first time and you have the money to visit, I’d say do it.

A picture of Kristin posing in a colorful room at Convergence Station.
Some many colors!
A picture of Kristin's friend walking through a twisted staircase.
Through the winding staircase

Also, don’t be afraid to interact with the staff members because they can help guide you… It just may take a few tries as they are quite dedicated to staying in character and may give *ambiguous* responses. 😂 Every once in a while though, they drop nuggets of gold and might interact with you if you’re getting close to “unlocking” something big.

General Info to Know

In the event you decide to go, here’s some useful general information to help you plan your visit to Meow Wolf.

Meow Wolf Denver Tickets

You can purchase your Meow Wolf tickets online or in person. My friend and I opted to purchase them online and recommend you do the same because the tickets have timed entries. Purchasing in advance ensures you get to walk right in without waiting in line at the ticketing booth or wasting time waiting around for a later entry time if the time slot you’ve arrived at is full.

Not to mention, tickets are the same price online and on-site, so you have nothing to lose by buying them in advance. Just note that prices do fluctuate by $10 depending on the day you choose. For example, weekdays are usually the cheapest, and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday tickets are more expensive.

But, if you want the most flexibility in your Denver Itinerary, grab the Time Warp Tickets. These allow you to visit any day, at any time, unless it’s closed for a private event. Monday – Thursday ticket prices are as follows (see the official site for other days):

  • General Admission tickets: Adult: $45 | Children (3 – 12): $40 | Miltary: $40
  • Time Warp tickets: $55
  • Optional Q Pass: $3

🏔️ NOTE: Colorado residents can receive a $10 discount on all pricing.

A picture of the entrance to Meow Wolf Denver.
Entrance to Meow Wolf Denver

Meow Wolf Denver Location

The address for the Meow Wolf Denver Location is 1338 1st St, Denver, CO 80204. As of March 2024, their hours of operation are:

  • Monday – Thursday: 12 PM – 9 PM
  • Friday – Sunday: 11 AM – 10 PM

How to Get to Meow Wolf

Although Meow Wolf is not quite located in the heart of Denver, it is still easy enough to reach from the main city area! There are two ways to get to Meow Wolf: with the Light Rail or by car

🚞 Via Light Rail: If you’re visiting Denver without a car or don’t want to pay for parking, the two closest Light Rail stations are the Empower Field at Mile High Station and the Auraria West Station. The Empower Field Station is about 0.3 miles or a 7-minute walk from Meow Wolf, while the Auraria West Station is half a mile or a 10-minute walk away. You can find information for purchasing Light Rail tickets here.

🚗 Via Car: The most obvious and easiest way to get to Meow Wolf is by driving there. That said, it may not be the quickest. My friend and I purchased a 5 PM timeslot ticket since we had to wait until she got off work and we encountered TONS of traffic. In fact, we arrived about 10 minutes late. Luckily, we had no issues validating our ticket and made a quick getaway when we left.

A picture of Kristin and her friend sitting on a couch located in an alcove made out of books carefully stacked at Meow Wolf Denver.
Exploring (and parking fees) are always better with a bestie!
A picture of Kristin on top of Pikes Peak in Colorado.
At the top of Pikes Peak, one of Colorado’s 14ers!

Oh, and if you want to explore areas outside of Denver like I did, renting a car is pretty much a necessity. Some tours provide round-trip transportation to big tourist attractions, like excursions to Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, and Rocky Mountain National Park. But, for venturing to towns, such as Golden, Boulder, Breckinridge, Georgetown, and Frisco, you’re going to need a car.

The good news is that DiscoverCars provides affordable rentals with convenient pick-up all around Denver, including the International Airport.

The Parking Situation

For those driving, there’s a relatively large parking lot available right in front of the entrance to Meow Wolf Denver. The catch is that it costs just shy of $16 per vehicle. Thus, carpooling is your friend, but as always, free parking would be nicer. 🙃

Want a cheaper parking lot? While driving, I spotted a smaller public parking lot along Walnut. It was probably a 2-minute drive and a 5-minute walk from Meow Wolf. If I remember correctly, it was $5 to park there, so it was significantly cheaper. That said, this price may fluctuate and I’m not sure how long you can park your car there. But, it’s worth checking it out if you want to save money and have some spare time!

A picture of the neon purple and blue ceiling of the QDOT at Meow Wolf Denver.
What you see right when you walk into the QDOT

Hotels Near Meow Wolf Denver

Looking for the perfect place to call your home base while discovering Denver? Here are some recommendations for you to check out. They’re all well-rated and conveniently located in downtown Denver, meaning you can get to Meow Wolf in 15 minutes or less by car, or 45 minutes or less via the Light Rail. Feel free to also explore options using the buttons below or with the interactive map!

Low-Cost Stay

  • Ember Hostel — Safe & secure hostel with an inviting atmosphere | ⭐️ 9.5 / 10
    • Comfy rooms, each with in-bed outlets, storage, & a privacy curtain
  • Hilton Garden Inn Denver — Nice 3-star hotel | ⭐️ 7.8 / 10
    • Located near the convention center, on-site restaurant, & pet-friendly

Mid-Range Stay

  • The Art Hotel Denver — Stylish 4-star hotel | ⭐️ 8.6 / 10
    • Located near the Art Museum & a great on-site restaurant
  • Hyatt Regency Denver — Sleek 4-star hotel with prime location | ⭐️ 9 / 10
    • On-site restaurant, bar, pool, gym, & self-parking available

Fancy Stays

  • The Maven Hotel at Dairy Block — Upscale 4-star hotel | ⭐️ 9.2 / 10
    • Top-notch service, lots of nearby restaurants, spacious rooms
  • Four Season Hotel Denver — Luxurious 5-star hotel | ⭐️ 9.6 / 10
    • Excellent spa service, outdoor pool, massive rooms & fantastic service!

Meow Wolf Denver: FAQs

Do I Have to Pay for Parking at Meow Wolf Denver?

Unless you take the Light Rail, you’ll have to pay for parking. As I mentioned in this section, parking in front of Meow Wolf costs ~$16 per car, but there are more affordable lots nearby.

Is Meow Wolf Overwhelming?

Meow Wolf can be somewhat overwhelming. I knew what to expect based on what my brother had told me from his multiple visits to Meow Wolf, but I was still initially overwhelmed. Over time though, I became desensitized to the chaos of it all.

How Long Does It Take to Walk Through Meow Wolf in Denver?

According to the website, it takes about 2 hours to walk through Meow Wolf. If you don’t have the Q-pass and are simply browsing, I agree that you can likely get in and out in about 2 hours. But, if you plan on completing the hidden mission, I’d set aside an extra hour. My friend and I stayed for 4 hours and barely completed the hidden mission before closing. Though, we didn’t know it was even a thing until a staff member told us about it 1.5 hours before closing. 😂

Should I Get the Q Pass?

If you want to learn more about the Convergence Station storyline, complete the hidden mission, or simply have time to kill, I recommend getting the Q Pass. Again, it only costs $3 per group, so there’s no major cost barrier and it gives you something more to do aside from just walking through.

Wrap-Up: Meow Wolf Denver Convergence Station Review

Despite the high ticket price, I wholeheartedly believe that Meow Wolf Denver is worth visiting at least once! Why? Because it’s not your typical museum or art gallery experience. Instead, this space provides unparalleled immersion into a world so vastly different from our own that you can’t help but be mesmerized by the sheer creativity and imagination encapsulated within these walls. At least, this is how felt as someone who isn’t so strong in the arts department 😂.

Plus, with the Q-Pass in hand, there are all kinds of stories and hidden secrets to help connect you to the whimsical world. So, if you want to be transported into what I imagine is akin to a psychedelic dream, then Meow Wolf Denver is a must-visit destination!

A picture of Kristin looking up at the mesmerizing, glowing ceiling in one of the rooms at Meow Wolf Denver.
🤠 Happy Exploring Meow Wolf Denver! ✨

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