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As Canada’s fourth largest city, Calgary has all kinds of things to do and places to explore around the beautiful city. Whether you are stopping by on your trans-Canada road trip or passing through on your way to or from Banff National Park, Calgary is worth visiting! Here is everything to know about Calgary and my ideal itinerary for how to spend one day in downtown Calgary!

πŸ’‘ Quick Note: This post is meant to be a comprehensive guide that answers all questions you might have about visiting Calgary! As such… it’s quite a lengthy post! πŸ˜… I highly recommend using the table of contents below to navigate or clicking here to go directly to the itinerary portion of the post!

What Calgary Is Famous For

As the largest city in Canada’s Alberta Province, Calgary is most famous for hosting the annual 10-day-long event called Stampede.

The Calgary Stampede is essentially a festival, exhibition, and rodeo that takes place in July. Think of it as a massive event where Texas meets Canada for 10 days of celebrations, concerts, stage shows, chuckwagon racing, and other competitions. Each year, this event attracts millions of people to the city and is often advertised as, “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.”

A picture of Peace Bridge, which crosses over Bow River. Calgary's downtown skyline is in the background.

Aside from hosting Stampede, Calgary is also famous for being deemed the most livable city in North America by Economist Intelligence Unit for the last ten years. This is based on the city’s stability, healthcare, infrastructure, education, culture, and environment.

Globally, it’s tied for third with Zurich, Switzerland, and only beaten by Vienna, Austria, and Copenhagen, Denmark. Pretty good if you ask me!

Fun fact: Calgary is home to more than 1.4 million people and is rapidly growing to hopefully become a new tech hub of Canada!

Best Time to Visit Calgary

Residents of Calgary bask in an average of 333 days of sunshine per year, more than any other Canadian city. Despite having as many days of sunshine as San Diego, the weather is quite fickle.

Your best chances of having fairly stable weather are during the months of June-September. These summer months are great for wandering through the small shops downtown or embarking on a little hike. That being said, don’t be too surprised if there’s rain or a thunderstorm during your visit.

A picture of some of the skyscrapers in downtown Calgary, the Rockies, and some of the residential houses along Bow River.

When I visited in June, nearly every day had a 40 – 60% chance of rain. At first, I was disappointed because I thought I wouldn’t get to do a lot of the outdoor activities I had planned.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that a 40% – 60% chance of rain translates to light rain for maybe an hour or two and sun the rest of the day!

If you are interested in participating in winter sports and activities, obviously go during their winter season. This would be from November to March. Just beware that the days are extremely cold, sometimes -19Β° F, and very short in terms of the amount of sunlight.

NOTE: In the age of COVID-19, be sure to check Canada’s government website to stay up to date on the ever-changing visa requirements, COVID-19 test requirements, and Canada’s airport policies.

How Many Days Do You Need in Calgary?

When I visited Calgary, my original itinerary involved spending a week exploring the city. However, WestJet canceled my flight 4 hours before departure, and I was rescheduled for a flight 5 days later. While this made my trip nearly two weeks, it allowed me to see all the city’s lovely hidden gems.

Based on my time, I would argue that one day is enough to see the main highlights. It’s not like visiting Paris or Zagreb, where it’s simply impossible to see all the best spots in a 24-hour period. You can easily walk or bike from place to place and there’s a good amount of things to do!

A picture of Bow Tower and Calgary Tower.

However, if you have the opportunity to spend more time in Calgary, I would highly recommend it! I suggest staying for at least 5 days if you want to check out the museums or do some local hikes. This will also allow you to better understand why Calgary is rapidly growing and attracting lots of young people to move to the city!

How to Get to Calgary

There are two main ways to get to Calgary: by road or by plane.

By Road

If you live in one of the northern US states or fancy a road trip, you can easily drive to Calgary. The trans-Canada highway (Hwy 1) traverses all of Canada if you are coming from a city in Canada like Montreal, Vancouver, or Toronto.

By Plane

If you live out of driving range or are coming from overseas, Calgary has a local international airport (YYC). I love this airport because it’s pretty chill and easy to navigate. As a smaller but still decent-sized airport, it’s unlikely that you’ll experience the chaos that you often see at LAX or CDG.

✈ PRO TIP: Look for the cheapest flights using Skyscanner and StudentUniverse!

A picture of a Westjet airplane about to land at the YYC airport.

Once you arrive at the airport, it’s a short 20-minute drive to the center of downtown Calgary. I highly recommend renting a car, especially if you plan on visiting Banff National Park or Jasper National Park during your stay.

βœ… You can easily rent a car through Discover Cars, and it’ll be waiting for you at the Calgary airport.

In the event you don’t have a car and aren’t looking to rent one, Uber and Lyft operate in Canada. Or, you can opt to take a private tour to see Banff for a stress-free day trip!

There’s also a bus (Route 300) that connects from the YYC airport to downtown Calgary. Although traveling by public transportation takes a bit longer (1 hour), it is much cheaper can is a great way to save money. It only costs $11.25 CAD and includes access all day to the public transit buses as well as the C-trains.

βœ… πŸ” Check out the different tours to Banff National Park from Calgary here

Where to Stay in Calgary

While there are a variety of hotels that may suit your needs, here are the two hotels that I recommend checking out.

Budget Stay

If you are on a tight budget, I recommend the Wicked Hostel in downtown Calgary! This hostel has excellent reviews, has a great location, and is the best option for travelers who are just passing through!

βœ… Check rates & availability for the Wicked Hostel

Cheap Hotel Stay

  • Royal Hotel Calgary: A 3-star hotel located right next to the airport with rates of about $100/night. The spacious rooms are clean and comfortable and have wood floors. The staff is very welcoming and your stay includes a complimentary breakfast buffet. This is a fantastic option if you have a flight out early the next morning!

βœ… Check rates & availability at Royal Hotel Calgary

Mid-Range Hotel Stay

  • Sheraton Eau Claire Hotel: A 4-star hotel with starting rate of ~$175/night. The rooms are very comfortable and have giant windows overlooking Bow River and Prince’s Island Park. Amenities include an indoor pool with a waterslide, bar, restaurant, and fitness center.

βœ… Check rates & availability at Sheraton Eau Claire Hotel

Getting Around Calgary

Calgary is a fairly well-connected city that utilizes a grid system and is split up into four quadrants: NE, NW, SE, and SW.

To get around town, there are four options: by car, by public transportation, by bike, and by foot.

By Car

An obvious choice for getting around is by car, especially if you are interested in activities that aren’t immediately downtown. As I mentioned earlier, a rental car is definitely worth the time and effort if you are planning to go to Banff National Park, Yoho, or Jasper afterward!

That being said, there are a few things to note about driving in Calgary.

  1. There are lots of one-way streets downtown. When I was driving around, I had to be pretty careful while navigating, and it was confusing at times.
  2. Lane reversals often happen. What this means is a lane might be designated for incoming traffic instead of outbound traffic if it’s rush hour or vice versa. This helps mitigate traffic jams and is clearly indicated by traffic stoplights.
  3. Limited Free Parking. The third thing to note is that free street parking is limited. Instead, they have lots of parking garages that typically start charging you after 30-60 minutes. This can be inconvenient, but at least you know your car is safe.
A picture of Stephen Avenue, which is closed to vehicle traffic during the day.

By Public Transportation

If you don’t have your license yet or simply don’t want to go through the hassle of getting a car, Calgary has a reliable public transportation network. There are several bus routes and two main light rails (C-train lines) that traverse the city: the red line and the blue line.

Since the public transit system is super efficient, clean, relatively timely, and safe, I would definitely recommend using it as an alternative to a car. Just input where you want to go into Google Maps and it’ll tell you which station to head towards.

To stay up to date on schedule changes and times, be sure to consult the Calgary Transit website! They often post if there’s any maintenance work being completed that may affect the lines.

Cost of 24-hour Fare Pass

Adult: $11.25 CAD // Youth (ages 6-17): $8.25 CAD.

By Bike or Scooter

Another option for going from place to place in Calgary is by bike.

I spent one of my days in Calgary biking all over town. It was absolutely fantastic as the city is flat and there are several bike trails in parks right outside of downtown. I felt completely secure and was pleased to get lots of exercise in!

If this is something that interests you, you can rent a bike from River Wheels in downtown Calgary. They have a sleek fleet of bikes, and they even fold!

Or, you can opt for a lovely guided bike tour if you don’t want to worry about navigation.

By Foot

The most cost-efficient way of getting around the city is by foot! It’s doable to see a good amount of Calgary by foot but your feet might hurt at the end of the day. If anything, it’s a surefire way to hit your 10,000 steps for the day.

βœ… If you don’t want to worry about navigating the city, this is a great 2-hour walking tour of Downtown Calgary.

It’s well worth the money and highly rated with 4.8 out of 5 stars. (See reviews here).

Not up for walking?

And for anyone who doesn’t want to walk for hours but still wants to see everything the city has to offer, I recommend taking a bus tour. You’ll be able to see all the city’s iconic attractions in both downtown Calgary as well as the surrounding area!

βœ… I recommend checking out this awesome 3-hour bus tour if you want to avoid sore feet! (See reviews here)

A picture of two colorful benches that can be seen on Stephen Avenue Walk.
Two adorable benches I saw while walking around downtown Calgary.

Fun Fact: Some of the streets and places in Calgary have a alternate names because many of the first settlers in Alberta were French-Canadians.

One Day in Calgary Itinerary

Now that you know all the basics about Calgary, it’s time to finally see the schedule for the day! This itinerary is made with walking distance in mind, but I also include some activities if you have access to a car!

1. Breakfast Downtown

To get fuel for the rest of the day, I recommend grabbing a fresh breakfast! Check to see if your housing accommodations offer a complimentary breakfast, as this can save you a few extra dollars.

If not, or if you simply prefer a bite to eat from a local establishment, I recommend these two spots:

  • OEB Breakfast Co: This popular brunch spot is in the center of downtown Calgary. The menu offers an assortment of tasty dishes typically centered around eggs, but they are other options. My personal favorite part of OEB is the atmosphere and decorations inside that make the experience memorable and fun.
  • ZCrew Cafe: This is a laid-back, trendy little brunch cafe located in not too far from the Central Library. The menu includes a wide selection of foods with Asian influences that are always beautifully presented. If this interests you, be sure to make a reservation a day in advance because it does get quite crowded!
If you have a car…
  • Queens Breakfast Cocktails: This little gem is a 10-minute drive outside of downtown Calgary. The menu is a bit on the pricier side but holds true to the saying, “you get what you pay for!” They offer all kinds of hearty meals with delicious flavors, and their presentation never disappoints!

2. Stephen Avenue Walk

After you fill up at breakfast, I recommend strolling down Stephen Avenue Walk.

As one of the main streets in Calgary, it contains several historic buildings and exudes a bit of that old-world charm. One of the best parts is that the street is closed to traffic from 6 pm – 6 am. Thus, it effectively operates as a pedestrian street during the day, welcoming all locals and tourists alike.

Personally, I recommend browsing all the local boutiques and admiring the stark contrast in the architecture of the older and new buildings. It’s about a ten-minute walk from both breakfast spots downtown and will help you battle any food coma thoughts!

A picture of Stephen Avenue Walk in downtown Calgary. This area is filled with small boutiques and is a great place to stroll down.
The view looking down Stephen Avenue Walk.

3. CORE Shopping Centre & Devonian Gardens

Located practically on Stephen Walk Avenue is the CORE Shopping Center. This MASSIVE complex, with 4 levels and about 160 shops, covers three whole city blocks.

If you forgot to pack something or simply want to window shop, this is the place to go. They have everything, from high-end luxury stores to cheaper departmental stores, like H&M.

If you aren’t looking to spend money or do some shopping, check out the Devonian Gardens on the fourth floor.

A picture of the Devonian Gardens inside the CORE shopping center. Stopping by here is a must stop on your one day tour through Calgary.
A small portion of the Devonian Gardens inside the CORE Shopping Centre.

The Devonian Gardens is a 2.5-acre space that serves as a mini botanical garden! It features thousands of beautiful plants, 500+ trees, koi ponds, some fountains, and a kid’s park! There are even little plaques explaining each plant.

Honestly, when I saw this, I was speechless and in awe. I had never seen a botanical garden in a freaking mall, especially not one of this size! I definitely recommend coming here, maybe grabbing a light snack or coffee, and taking in the view.

Truly, you could easily spend hours at the CORE and Devonian Gardens. However, try to limit yourself so you have time to explore the rest of Calgary!

Note: If you have a car, there is free evening and weekend parking in the underground lots!

4. Calgary Tower

8-minutes from Stephen’s Avenue Walk is Calgary Tower.

With its bright red color, the Calgary tower is one of the most recognizable buildings in the entire city. At the top, you get a 360Β° aerial view of Calgary from 190.8m (626 ft) above!

Although it’s no longer the tallest building in all of Calgary, the iconic building and its incredible views of the surrounding city are still worth checking out! You can even test your nerves walking across the glass floor observation deck. Hello, fear of heights…long time no see πŸ₯²

A picture of the aerial view from one of Calgary's tallest buildings. Here you can see Bow River and how dwarfed the other skyscrapers appear.

The tickets are a bit on the pricier side, but you are rewarded with a magnificent view of the city. To save a bit of money, I recommend purchasing your ticket online. If you wait to buy them in person, it’s a couple of dollars more expensive.

βœ… Purchase your ticket for Calgary Tower here


General: $19 CAD // Senior ($65+): $17 CAD
Child (4 – 12): $9 CAD // Infant (3 & under): FREE

Fun fact: At a height of 310 ft and 9 inches, Calgary is home to the tallest mural in the World! It was just completed this June 2022 by German artist, Mirko β€œDAIM” Reisser! This mural is visible from the Calgary Tower.

5. Village Ice Cream

After ascending to the top of Calgary tower, walk another 9 minutes to reach my favorite ice cream stop!

I don’t know about you, but ice cream is a must whenever I am traveling! Plus, it’s a financially friendly way of holding you over until it’s dinner time.

The Village Ice Cream offers a wide array of unique flavors, such as Earl Grey or Maple Pecan. They also have a rotating list of seasonal flavors and can accommodate any fellow lactose-intolerant people with vegan options!

A picture of ice cream from Village Ice Cream. Stopping here is a great way to keep you energized as you walk around Calgary.

6. Studio Bell

Three minutes down the street from Village Ice Cream is the Studio Bell, home of the National Music Centre. You won’t be able to miss the building as it’s absolutely huge and connects over a street.

Studio Bell is nothing short of heaven for anyone who has a passion for music and its rich history. Filled with various exhibitions, the center showcases thousands of rare instruments and historical music artifacts, including one of Elton John’s pianos.

Equally impressive is the striking architecture of the interior, especially the performance hall. If you are looking for something experiential, consider checking out if there are any performances that coincide with your trip.

One thing to note is that they are only open Thursday to Sunday, but they have a quite generous admission fee. It’s a pay-what-you-can system.

A picture of the magnificent architecture inside Studio Bell. This is one of the best places to visit in Calgary if you love music and its vibrant history.
A glimpse of the beautiful interior of Studio Bell

7. Central Library

Only a block away is the newly renovated Central Library, which is without a doubt, a must-visit!

One of the first things you will notice about the four-story building is its remarkable architecture. The oval shape evokes both a futuristic feeling and a sense that the space is never-ending.

A picture of the modern exterior of the newly renovated Central Library in downtown Calgary. This was my favorite place to visit and is a must stop!
The outside of Central Library

Adding to that, the interior features a large atrium with a skylight that opens the space up with natural light. From there, the contrasting lines of the winding staircases and wooden slats can’t help but catch your eye. Truly, this building is an architectural masterpiece.

With all this space, the library holds approximately 450,000 books, and countless historical artifacts from centuries ago. There are also spaces dedicated to entertainment, conferences, and small meetings. I particularly admired the quiet study rooms and wish I could study there every day.

A picture of the gorgeous interior of the Central Library. Here you can see the skylight at the top sends light flooding throughout the space.
A picture of the one of the staircases that winds around the Central Library.

With confidence, I can say that walking through each level, observing the beautiful architecture, and reading the tidbits of information was a highlight of my trip. Even if you aren’t interested in books, this is a fabulous place to rest your feet for a few moments.

Fun Fact: On the fourth floor, you can watch the C-train seemingly emerge from the building as it passes through the tunnel beneath the library.

8. Famous 5 Statue

About 10 minutes from the library are the Olympic Plaza and the Famous 5 Statue. Here you will find 5 bronze statues of five Canadian suffragists that make up the Famous 5.

These women are famous for fighting for women’s right to be appointed to the Senate. In 1927, they challenged the Supreme Court ruling that determined women were not considered ‘persons’ when referenced in the British North America Act of 1867. After two years in 1929, these women were victorious in what was known as the Person Case.

Although it’s a quick stop, I definitely recommend coming here to see these larger-than-life women. There are also several plaques detailing each woman’s background and contribution to the fight.

A picture of two of the Famous 5 statues.
Two of the five bronze statues that make up the Famous 5 Statue

9. Wonderland Sculpture

Four minutes from the Famous 5 statue is the unforgettable Wonderland Sculpture.

Standing at 12 meters (39.4 ft), the head of a young girl is depicted with bent wire. It symbolizes the brimming hopes, dreams, and energy of the young people in Alberta. There are openings on the side that allow you to walk through the art piece and create a sense of lightness.

Again, this is a quick stop, but great for taking pictures. You can also appreciate the size of Calgary’s tallest building, the Bow, which is right behind the Wonderland Sculpture.

A picture of Kristin posing in front of the Wonderland Sculpture that is located at the entrance to The Bow.
Wonderland Sculpture in front of The Bow.

10. Chinatown

Located 6 minutes from the Famous 5 statue is Calgary’s historic Chinatown. In terms of size, it’s the largest Chinatown district in Canada and has been standing strong for over 100 years.

If you are feeling low on energy, stop by the Silver Dragon Restaurant for lunch to eat some flavorful Chinese food. If Chinese food doesn’t seem appealing, the area is home to various Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese restaurants. For example, I recommend checking out the Paper Lantern to feast on some authentic Vietnamese food!

Afterward, I recommend going inside the Chinese Cultural Centre. It’s the largest center of its kind in North America and features a Chinese Artifacts Museum that illustrates the vibrant history of Chinese settlement in Canada.

A picture of the entrance to Silver Dragon Restaurant, one of the most popular restaurants in Calgary's Chinatown.
Entrance to Silver Dragon Restaurant in Calgary’s Chinatown.

11. Crescent Heights Lookout Point

From Chinatown, walk 15 minutes across Centre St Bridge and up the path immediately to your left to see one of the best vantage points of downtown Calgary. Along the way, you can also admire some pretty fancy residential houses (mansions)!

Once at the top, you will be greeted with my favorite views of the city skyline. No matter the time of day or season, I swear this view is always breathtaking. Each time I went, there were only a handful of people, and I couldn’t help but smile.

If you can, definitely try and make time to visit this viewpoint!

A picture of the view from Crescent Heights Lookout Point. This was my favorite view of the Calgary's downtown skyline.
The gorgeous view from Crescent Heights Lookout Point.

12. Prince’s Island Park

Once you’ve thoroughly enjoyed the view, walk 8 minutes down the staircase and across the Bow River Pathway to reach Prince’s Island Park.

This quaint park is a local favorite! Oftentimes, the trails are filled with people running, biking, roller-skating, and scootering. If you prefer to take in the scenery and watch Bow River flow by, sit back and relax on one of the many benches.

For me, I loved coming here to smell all the flowers and people-watch. The park is well-maintained and you can’t help but feel happy. There’s even a food truck if you get a little hungry!

A picture of downtown Calgary from Prince's Island Park.

13. Peace Bridge

About a 5-minute walk from Prince’s Island Park is the famous Peace Bridge. To get there, simply walk across one of the bridges going towards downtown Calgary and turn right along the Bow River Pathway.

The pedestrian bridge was built with the intention of improving traffic flow for people commuting downtown. One of the first things you may notice is the bridge’s bright red color. This is to pay homage to both the Canadian and Calgary flag.

Another thing you may notice is the helical structure. Despite the bridge being named Peace Bridge, locals sometimes call it, “Finger Trap Bridge,” since the helical structure helps the bridge resemble a children’s toy.

While this certainly isn’t the most impressive bridge out there, it’s worth a stop if you aren’t too tired! At night, they light the bridge up at night, and it’s a great time to snap a picture!

A picture of the famous Peace Bridge lit up at night.
Peace Bridge lit up at night.

14. Eau Claire Neighborhood

As you head back downtown, you’ll pass through the Eau Claire Neighborhood that is directly south of Bow River.

In this adorable neighborhood, you can find lots of shops, restaurants, bars, and cafes. The Eau Claire Market, which is akin to an indoor shopping mall, rests at the heart of the neighborhood.

As of June 2022, some parts are undergoing a bit of reconstruction, so it may look a little rough around the edges. However, it’s still fun looking at the architecture of the more historic buildings.

15. Dinner

Whew! Finally, it’s time for dinner after all this hard sightseeing work! πŸ˜‰ There are three places I recommend for dinner downtown.

  • Palomino Steakhouse ($$): Specializes in slow-smoked BBQ meats and has a full bar. The inside is well-decorated and gives off a fun rustic vibe. There’s also a little outdoor patio, and they often feature live music!
  • Teatro Ristorante ($$$): Upscale Italian restaurant with a menu filled with unique flavor combinations! The service is great, they are accommodating of any food restrictions you have, and the presentation is excellent. I recommend trying the chef’s tasting menu and making a reservation in advance!
  • Donna Mac ($$$): A bright contemporary restaurant that has a constantly evolving menu that gives fresh takes on typical comfort foods. They use fresh, locally sourced ingredients, so the food has more earthy notes. Definitely worth coming here if you want Canadian cuisine with creative flavor combinations that work well!

Other Places to Visit in Calgary

If you end up spending a few days in Calgary, perhaps due to a flight cancellation and being rebooked 5 days later (that was me), here are some other places to visit in Calgary!

  • Heritage Park Historical Village: Canada’s largest living history museum! There are tons of exhibitions and attractions that make it the perfect activity. You can reserve your ticket here.
  • Glenmore Park: Massive park that encompasses the Glenmore Reservoir. Throughout the park, there are lengthy trails, perfect for biking, hiking, or running. I spent two days biking around the park and loved every second!
  • Inglewood Bird Sanctuary & Nature Centre: Lovely enclosed nature space that’s ideal for observing wildlife and bird-watching. There are also several winding trails along the ponds that make for a relaxing afternoon walk.
  • Nose Hill Park: One of the largest urban parks in North America. Since it’s perched on a giant hill above the city, you get sweeping views of the city skyline. The trails are mostly flat after the initial hill from the parking lot, and it’s simply one of the calming places to walk around.
  • Canada Olympic Park: Previously one of the venues for the 1968 Winter Olympic games, the Olympic Park is now open to the general public for various sporting activities. During the winter, people from the city flock here to go skiing and snowboarding and avoid driving to the mountains. Meanwhile, in the summertime, the park is a hotspot for mountain biking and zip lining.
A picture of downtown Calgary and its imposing skyline from the top of Nose Hill Park.
The view of downtown Calgary from the top of Nose Hill Park

Things to Do Near Calgary

If you feel like you have seen all that you want to and have both the time and means, consider taking a day trip.

Visit Banff National Park

About 1.5 hours away from Calgary is Canada’s greatest tourist attraction, Banff National Park. As a result of the city’s nearby proximity, Calgary is essentially the gateway to Banff. Honestly, if Banff isn’t already on your list to stop by, definitely consider it!

There are so many things to do and see. Even if you aren’t a wilderness person, I guarantee there is something in Banff for everyone!

πŸ‘‰ Feel free to check out my easy 4-day travel guide to Banff if you are looking for inspiration or help planning!

A picture of Kristin at Moraine Lake in Banff National Park.
Kristin at Moraine Lake

Day Trip to Royal Tyrell Museum

Another option within reasonable driving distance is the Royal Tyrell Museum. It’s located about an hour and 45 minutes away from Calgary in the city of Drumheller.

This museum and research facility is positively ginormous and fully dedicated to paleontology and studying ancient life. It holds the largest collection of fossils in all of Canada and features about 800 of them at a time throughout the museum. Truly, the amount of detail and information the museum has is nothing short of spectacular.

Some of the dinosaur displays are so convincing that you almost feel like you stepped into Jurassic Park on some level. If you have the slightest remote interest in dinosaurs, this is the place to go!

A picture of one of the dinosaurs that can be found at Royal Tyrell Museum of Paleontology..
One of the dinosaur fossils at the Royal Tyrell Museum.

βœ… If you don’t want to worry about navigation or don’t have a car, you can take a private guided day tour to Drumheller.
It’s definitely on the expensive side but the museum and surrounding area are pretty incredible (at least I thought so!)

Wrap-Up: One Perfect Day in Calgary

Calgary is a beautiful and almost underrated city with so many wonderful places to explore. There is truly something for everyone, and it’s worth spending at least a day wandering around. I personally look forward to visiting again this upcoming winter and experiencing winter Canada-style!

And in case you’re head is spinning from all the information…


Here is a list of the 15 places in downtown Calgary that you should visit on your trip to the city!

  1. Breakfast downtown: Check out OEB breakfast or ZCrew Cafe.
  2. Stephen Avenue Walk: Pedestrian street with lots of historic buildings and shops.
  3. CORE Shopping Centre & Devonian Gardens: Massive shopping mall with mini botanical gardens.
  4. Calgary Tower: Iconic tower with almost an aerial view of Calgary from 190.8m (626 ft) above.
  5. Village Ice Cream: A delicious ice cream shop with eclectic flavors.
  6. Studio Bell: A 5-story museum dedicated to celebrating the history of music.
  7. Central Library: Newly renovated library with exceptional architectural design.
  8. Famous 5 Statue: Bronze statues of 5 suffragists who successfully fought for women’s rights.
  9. Wonderland Statue: Eye-catching giant bent wire sculpture of a young girl’s head.
  10. Chinatown: The largest Chinatown district in all of Canada!
  11. Crescent Heights Lookout Point: One of the best viewpoints of Calgary’s downtown skyline.
  12. Prince Island’s Park: A serene park in the middle of Bow River.
  13. Peace Bridge: A famous red bridge that’s a hot spot for taking pictures.
  14. Eau Claire Neighborhood: A charming neighborhood located along Bow River.
  15. Dinner downtown: Palomino Steakhouse ($$), Teatro Ristorante ($$$), & Donna Mac ($$$).

Hopefully, now you can plan your perfect stay in Calgary. And for that, I wish you a fantastic time and say cheers to your next global travel escapade!

A picture of Kristin and her friend as they walk down Stephen Avenue Walk.
🀠 Happy Travels through Calgary! πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

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