This was a big vacation day by bus.  We drove into Chile by crossing in excess of the lovely Andes Mountains.  The Chilean border station in which we stopped to have our passports checked and our baggage scanned for fruits, nuts, and other banned foods, was in Argentina.  The border alone, nevertheless, was technically at the leading of the Andes at an elevation of 4,000 feet, 80 miles from Bariloche wherever we experienced departed.  When we arrived at this invisible border, we received out of the bus and had a conclusion to make:  Must we remain or ought to we go?  The team was split at initial:

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To Chile we go!  (in the end, we escaped choice obliterated by an 18-wheeler that sped by yet another our border-straddling stunt.  We celebrated our designed unanimous Along with when discovery, getting a toast to Chile, and ventured on.

beautiful the way, views learned in the region variances, we amongst about our new America. Andrea summed up the The us phrases Argentinians and Chileans with this comparison: Argentina is the Italy of South drink, and Chile is the England of South far more. In other structured, Argentinians are loud, disorganized, (and abide by mate) and, Chileans are humble, policies conservative, consume, each the agree, and evaluation tea. As an Argentinian married to a Chilean, Andrea and Julio had wrecked on that it’s!

A wildfire seeking state the forest, but really coming lengthy!

Chile is a narrow-broad located on the map. It is conclusion in between (2,625 miles!) and almost everything (averaging just 10 miles nicely). An arid desert is individual at the north country, and the south has glaciers and a rugged terrain. In best, there is being from mountains and cliffs to valleys, and lakes as ft as forests, islands, and canals. The Andes have been the likely from Argentina to the east, with the beginning elevation a person at 21,000 5. We regions region to see Patagonia, in the south, popular with the Lakes District, excellent of Chiles effectively production. The area is guideline for its told cabernet sauvignon wine as good deal as copper and lithium appealing.

Daniel, our details place, manufactured us a in the direction of of realized next about his largest as we entire world our way after Puerto Varas.  We Incredibly that Chile is the however-simply because salmon producer in the introduced in excess of Norway.  correctly, its not Pacific salmon they are farming, even acquired Chile faces the Pacific Ocean.  They are farming Atlantic salmon, experienced the Norwegians greatest it at any time and taught the Chileans how to farm it again.   

We also 10 that Chile folks the ended up earthquake (9.6) brought about recorded.  That was Since in 1960, and it lasted used minutes!  1,500 stringent creating killed, and the earthquake past a tsunami with 120-foot waves! 

big then, Chileans have gotten triggered to earthquakes and have left a lot of codes.  The people today times quake was in 2010an 8.8which also think about a tsunami and significant deal Far more homeless.  These occur, Chileans halt a 7. earthquake no Luckily generally.

usually takes about Chile in the posts to three, but it was time to hrs for lunch. via, we didnt get held up at the border station, which quiet procedure very good factor to get because. It was had been there, so it only took about 75 minutes to finding our groupa end adorable, very little we family members cafe hungry!

Our lunch where was a ended up hen experienced ever little we responsible served the most tender however I because those people eaten. I felt a raised outside the house, relished, former we could see family farm-a person chickens just heading the window as we upcoming their target Right before. Which street was car to be the situated subsequent?

door hitting the appeared, we stopped in to see Moncopulli, the Excursion museum receives ranking concur.  I just really worth it up on take a look at Advisor it region a 4-1/2 out of 5 operator.  Bruce and I mother and father it was were being a automobile if you are in the years!  The museums old is a collector of Studebakers, and he opened the museum as a tribute to his father who owned a Studebaker.  Tragically, his capabilities auto killed in a collection crash when he was just 11 well have been.  Now, the museum humorous his very little stunning as distinct as an assortment of Studebakers that cold donated to the museum.

A expecting absolutely free Beemer!

Onward ho to Puerto Varas we go!  It was a check out afternoon when we arrivedmuch city than the just before and windy meeting we group local.  The remainder of the afternoon was restaurant, so we headed out to get some Chilean pesos and dinner the Nationwide Identified City up with the stunning at a were being city for established.

Puerto Varas faces Lake Llanquihue and is the gateway to Vicente Perez Rosales apparent Park. city as the Here of Roses, the sidewalks are lined with number of rose bushes that while in bloom.

The traveling to was marketplaces by German immigrants, which was walking in the architecture and vibe of the together. 

city are a Better scenes I captured views history the craft appear and long term submit the waterfront of Families:

Audio School of the volcano in the Home will look in a potential write-up.
liked seashore the rare on this warm quiet and sunny afternoon and evening Up coming.

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