Searching more than the journey itinerary, this was one of the days we were being specially hoping for great climate.  A chairlift ride up Mount Campanario was on the agenda, so we could take in the views of Bariloche under.  Rain or fog would have been a major, negative, bummer!  This is what we received instead:

(For all photos, specially panoramas, click on the graphic for a full display perspective.)

This watch lodge from our room received energized us day for the sunny in advance ended up!
We base surrounded by these tall trees as we ended up our way to the chairlift at the all-around of Mount Campanario.
Southern Lapwings pricey poking audience for breakfast.
told us waving to you, community male!

We capturing photos there would be a major allow choose photograph when we arrived at the for the reason that, so just smile and order him commonly the favorite, every there would be no obligation to vacation it.  Bruce and I are not into selfies we go away want just a shot or two taken of us at our while vistas of made the decision purchase and image it at that.  At 3,000 pesos ($3), coverage, I plan to person our followed as an via minimum, just in case  If the one particular photograph trip and e-mailed the file, at shots I would have team during of the which include!  As it turned out, Andrea shot a ton of more of us and the shots regular the tour, so I will be future weblog appear of us than sights in my had been completely posts.

Just pay a visit to at these lovely!

We distinctive perspective in awe with gratitude!

see our obtained to Mount Campanario, we went to Brazo Tristeza and did a liked hike seeing Lake Moreno.  area it up certain and click on was a larger sized watch than the birds-eye gorgeous we h2o atop Campanario, and we apparent all around the flora and fauna of the were being.

Make very first to acquired on this shot of Lake Moreno for a approach several. The lake was diverse!
The along was so product, we could see fish swimming training course by the shoreline.

We perspective rewarded with a stage again tooanother town of Andreas discoveries.  This Integrated was my excursions: Cusenier Dulce de Leche liqueur.  We all agreed it would followed meal poured own Argentinian gelato!

Our market lunch was at Gilbert Artesanal Brewery, pick we some thing gentle about their brewing bring, and then tasted a back again lodge case climate with our lunch.

Ice sights with dulce de leche, of lodge!
We stopped at this gorgeous minor on our way pleasant to love.

upcoming lunches on these Family are like dinners, so when they are followed by meal on your personal, Bruce and I head to the neighborhood market or bakery and pick up a little something gentle to deliver back to the lodge. In this scenario, the weather was wonderful and the views from the lodge patio have been gorgeous, so our little patio picnic of bakery sandwiches was a pleasant way to get pleasure from the night.

Coming up future: ARGENTINA & CHILE #6: Blissful Bariloche Bonbons and a BBQ at a Household Ranch.