Wondering if Travelers Choice is any good or looking for a comprehensive Travelers Choice luggage review? If so, you’ve come to the right place! I’m someone who has traveled with Travelers Choice suitcases for nearly a decade. Most recently, I’ve spent 45 days exploring Japan and South Korea with my new Travelers Choice Silverwood II suitcase. In this post, I’ll provide an in-depth and honest review of the carry-on bag from this lineup. This way, you can make an informed decision on whether this suitcase is worth it for you!

The Silverwood II at a Glance

Before I dive into my comprehensive review, here’s an overview of the key specifications of the Silverwood II carry-on. Its dimensions are fairly standard in that they are just under the carry-on size limit for most airlines (exceptions include some budget airlines).

  • Material: 100% Polycarbonate
  • Dimensions of Exterior: 21″H x 14″W x 9.5″D + 2″ depth gusset
  • Packing dimensions: 19.5″H x 13.75″W x 9.25″D + 2″ depth gusset
  • Storage Capacity: 40.64 – 49.43 Liters
  • Linear Dimensions: 44.5″
  • Baseline Weight: 8.2 lbs
  • Available Colors: Navy, black, and gray

NOTE: A gusset is a second zippered compartment that can be unzipped to provide extra packing space. Normally, this compartment is hidden or “compressed” so you don’t see it.

Travelers Choice Luggage Review: Pros

Based on the specifications above, you might think the Silverwood II is like any other suitcase. This is true in some regards, such as its hard shell exterior and standard sizing. That said, the 5 standout features below made all the difference in my trip across Japan and South Korea!

1. Sleek & Ergonomic Design

First and foremost, I am a big fan of the suitcase’s design. It perfectly combines aesthetic appeal with practical durability and convenience. For instance, its metallic brush appearance offers a sleek, modern look that distinguishes it visually from typical luggage options.

At the top of the suitcase, you’ll notice black rubber caps around the corners. These enhance the suitcase’s durability by protecting the most vulnerable areas from cracking and damage often seen in hardshell suitcases.

Moreover, the Silverwood II features a patented curved handle, which is a departure from the standard flat telescopic handles found on most suitcases. This unique design can offer a more ergonomic grip, making it easier and more comfortable to maneuver, especially when the suitcase is heavily packed.

I’ll be honest, I initially didn’t think much of the handle. But, after lugging my suitcase around for several weeks, I actually did notice a difference in reducing strain during transit, especially on my longer travel days or when I had to walk 20+ minutes from a bus stop to my housing accommodations.

Lastly, the suitcase is equipped with sturdy rubber handles on the top and side. These make it easier to lift your bag to and from the overhead bins or pull it from the baggage carousels. Again, it may not seem like much, but in the long run, the small things add up!

2. Ease of Transport and Movement

For me, one of the most important factors in determining if a suitcase is good is whether it has good mobility. I mean, what’s the point of a suitcase if it’s not easy to transport? It’s the one mandatory job description of a suitcase. 😂

Anyway, I’m happy to report that the Silverwood II moves super smoothly. This is because, unlike other suitcases that have single roller wheels, the Silverwood II is built with Travelers Choice patented Dual Cyclone spherical wheels. These are much larger than regular suitcase wheels.

Despite the bulkier appearance, these wheels are probably my favorite feature. They allow for smooth 360° movement. I kid you not, it’s so stable and these wheels can go right over rocks and bumps on the road.

Notice how it kind of looks as if your suitcase has 8 wheels instead of 4

Contrastingly, I brought my spare Samonsite suitcase for comparison purposes and to accommodate all the fun souvenirs and skin care items I wanted to bring back from Japan đŸ‡¯đŸ‡ĩ and South Korea 🇰🇷, and maneuvering my Samonsite suitcase was much harder. The wheels would get stuck on a dip in the road or lock up in one direction.

Traveling with two completely different suitcases from different brands genuinely highlighted how much easier it is to navigate around with my Travelers Choice suitcase.

3. Pockets Galore

I’m someone who tries to be as organized as possible when traveling, so having pockets is a necessity. Within the Silverwood II, there are pockets galore!

One side has your standard zippered divider compartment with a mesh zippered pocket and a regular zippered pocket. Meanwhile, the other side has a removable compression divider, which is something I’ve never seen before. This detachable divider has two large mesh zippered pockets that are excellent for keeping your socks and underwear easily accessible.

Then, within that compartment of the suitcase, there are two additional zippered pockets. One is for your power bank and the other is good for storing smaller items that might be easily lost. For instance, I used the pockets for storing non-liquid toiletries like tweezers, nail clippers, my toothbrush, and other small souvenirs that I didn’t want to break or get lost in the shuffle.

Add your favorite compression packing cubes to the mix and this suitcase is fantastic for short weekend trips or epic international trips! During my 45-day trip across Japan and South Korea, I almost exclusively traveled out of my Silverwood II, and I easily packed 1.5 week’s worth of clothes. In fact, I think I might have overpacked since I didn’t wear half the stuff I brought lol. 🙈

đŸš¨đŸ‡¯đŸ‡ĩ🇰🇷 Full transparency: Again, I brought my spare Samsonite suitcase for comparison purposes for this post and for bringing back souvenirs. But, it was empty when I departed home! P.S. I highly recommend you do the same if you travel to Japan and Korea. You’d be surprised how tempting it is to buy everything over there!

4. Premium Features

One of the main reasons I wanted to test the Silverwood II was because of its premium features. On the top of the suitcase, there is a built-in TSA-approved lock. This gives you peace of mind and is way more convenient than having to use an independent lock, which is what I do for my Samsonite suitcase.

In fact, during my trip, I actually misplaced my independent lock and had to purchase another one. So, having a built-in TSA-approved lock makes a difference in that it’s one less thing to keep track of!

Another feature I appreciate is the built-in battery and USB port. At this point, traveling with a reliable portable battery is a must. You never know if there’s going to be a charging port available near you and being stranded with a dead phone is the worst 🙅đŸŊ‍♀ī¸ (been there, done that!)

Avoid having to worry about plugging your device into a dead outlet and seeing that it doesn’t charge your phone or having to dig through your stuffed personal bag to find the portable charger. Legit, one time I tucked my portable charger so deep within my backpack that I had to spend 7+ minutes unpacking and repacking my precariously packed bag to get to my charger. 🙃

In short, a built-in charging port makes life a little simpler. The only thing to note is that you do have to purchase your own battery. I know this may be a downside for some, but I actually think it’s better. In my experience, portable batteries have a shorter lifespan than suitcases. Thus, you can switch out your portable battery any time you like, with your battery of choice!

🔋đŸĒĢ Here are the two portable batteries I travel with and can confidently recommend. This one, which I keep in my personal bag, and this smaller but mighty one for my Silverwood II suitcase!

5. Excellent Value

Last but not least, I like that the Travelers Choice Silverwood II provides excellent value for everything you get — from the innovative and thoughtful design to the built-in TSA lock and USB port. Sure, it may not be the cheapest suitcase in the world, but it’s significantly cheaper than other hot brands on the market. I’m looking at you Monos brand with your $350+ carry-on suitcases. Like what!?! đŸ¤¯

Plus, I don’t think most suitcases can bear the weight of my travel style. It usually involves rolling my suitcase for miles along rocky dirt paths, the side of busy roads, and dreaded cobblestone streets. Oh, and we can’t forget being tossed around in airplanes, buses, and trains with hundreds of other bags! 😅 Yes, I’m often too cheap and stubborn for my own good to pay for a taxi.

This is all to say it provides amazing value at a great price and has held up well during my recent trip! Obviously, 45 days isn’t a ton of real-world testing, but if it’s anything like my other Travelers Choice suitcase, I expect it to hold up for another 8 – 10 years! And just to keep you informed, I will be updating this post as I complete more travels with this suitcase. 🤠

Travelers Choice Luggage Review: Cons

Honestly, even after traveling across all kinds of terrains and via several different modes of transport, I struggled to find fault with this suitcase. Maybe I just haven’t put enough miles on the bag, but this bag has held up extremely well for the duration of my trip… Thus, the cons below are me being super nitpicky.

1. Scratches and Scuffs

The main disadvantage I found with this suitcase is that it gets scratches on the exterior. Literally, after my very first flight, I noticed the front side already had a few scuff marks from me pulling my suitcase out of the overhead compartment. And by the end of the trip, there were a few more around the exterior.

That said, the shiny metallic brush finish makes the scratches less noticeable. They kind of blend into the finish and show up as white instead of black. But, it might just be because the scratch marks I have aren’t massive.

Either way, I don’t really mind this as aesthetics isn’t my top priority. For me, I don’t need or expect any suitcase to stay in pristine condition, especially with the *unforgiving* way I travel. As long as the inherent functionality of the suitcase isn’t damaged, then the suitcase is good in my books! Of course, though, if you do care about appearances of your luggage, you’ll want to take this into consideration.

2. Compression Divider

My only other con, which really isn’t a con, is that the removable compression divider takes some getting used to. What I mean by this is that my previous suitcase had zippered divider compartments on both sides of the suitcase. This meant there was a very clear limit as to how much I could and could not fit into each compartment before I was unable to zip it up.

However, with this removable compression divider, you have to lock each clip on the four corners and then tighten it to compress everything underneath. If you don’t remember to tighten it, little souvenirs or smaller, loose items in that compartment might fall out, which was a little annoying for me. But, once you get the hang of it, it’s not so bad.

In fact, I eventually realized I like having a detachable flap because I can fit more into that compartment! Since the divider is fully removable, you aren’t constrained by being able to zip up that compartment! Thus, you can stuff that side to the brim and still “secure” everything with the adjustable clips.

Must-Have Travel Gear

While the suitcase itself is amazing, here are a few other travel items to bring and enhance your travel adventure! I also have a page dedicated to my favorite tried and true travel resources! 👀

  • đŸ§ŗ Compression Packing Cubes: Although regular packing cubes are great, compression packing cubes are on an entirely different level. These allow you to maximize space in your suitcase by basically vacuum sealing your clothes without a vacuum sealer! So, if you want to save space and keep your belongings organized and compact, check out these awesome compression packing cubes!
  • 🔋 Portable Battery: As I mentioned earlier, a strong portable battery is essential for all your travels. This is the main battery I travel with, and this is the portable battery I store inside my Silverwood II!
  • 🎧 Noise Canceling Headphones: Avoid having your sleep schedule disrupted on flights and in hostels or simply tune out the rest of the world with noise-canceling headphones! My Airpod Pros are something I refuse to travel without, and I highly recommend investing in a pair if you can!
  • 🌐 Bluetooth Adaptor for Airplanes: If you have Bluetooth headphones, consider getting a bluetooth adaptor for airplanes. These enable wireless connectivity for Bluetooth headphones on planes that only offer wired headphone connections.
  • 🔌 Universal Adaptor: Traveling internationally? A universal adaptor lets you plug in and use your electronic devices in countries with different outlet standards. This way, you don’t waste money buying individual adaptors for each country.
  • 🏷 Luggage Tag: Get a little luggage tag to help you identify your luggage quickly and provide your contact information in case your bags are misplaced or lost during transit.

Final Thoughts: Is the Silverwood II Worth It?

As someone who spends most of the year traveling, I’m quite picky about the gear I travel with. At its core, it has to be high-quality, durable, and functional because more often than not, I put my travel gear through the ringer while exploring off-the-beaten paths!

One suitcase brand that ticks all the boxes and is on the more affordable side is Travelers Choice. I’ve traveled across the globe with their suitcases for the better part of 10 years and haven’t been disappointed once. Their Silverwood II carry-on suitcase is no different. After 45 days, I’ve found it well worth the price.

It has a thoughtful design that promotes durability and smooth movement, includes an abundance of pockets to improve organization, and offers premium features that normally come with a more expensive price tag. So, if you’re in the market for a reasonably priced carry-on bag that’s stylish and built to withstand the rigors of frequent travel, be sure to check out Travelers Choice Silverwood II!

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