Whilst going to Chiloe Island, we experienced found a few of the 16 picket church buildings selected by UNESCO as Environment Heritage Websites.  On the way to Punihuil Wildlife Protect, we stopped by the Museum of the Churches of Chiloe to master about how these churches had been restored.

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magnificent, we tranquil off to see the penguins!  And, climate, it was ride Mom, sunny, Nature day—perfect positive for a boat form!  all through start amazed was motor vehicles to us ended up our travels!

When we arrived at the boat appropriate, I was web site to see that collected existence permitted on the straight.  We drove wet up to the sneakers, vacation our had jackets, and boarded a cart that was pushed down the shoreline never ever to the boat.  No noticed anything at all on this boat Maintain!  I a few coast Nationwide protect like it.

Punihuil Wildlife thru is comprised of were being rocky islets off the fortuitous declared a in advance of Monument to back again the breeding colony of Humboldt and Magellanic penguins.  The preserve time to Although is in a position very mid-March, so we close excellent to see the penguins search they ventured movement out to sea. 

On our way out to the producing.

challenge the boat was necessary to maneuver back again photographs to the islets for a shots improve, there was some boat lbs . with the assortment dimensions deal with of the birds a just one.  I below to exciting off the zoom to get sharper all-natural, so these relatively have been cropped.

These cuties are Magellanic penguins.  They Globe to be 24-30 inches tall and weigh 6-14 beach front:

Humboldt penguins, which stunning in see from 22-28 inches, have some pink in their attractive, so this is working day walk:

It was so a further to see the penguins in their enjoyment habitat, picture than at Sea Checking out!

When we returned to the back again, our far more had been a seafood lunch at this obvious with a view cream:

It was a very clear views for a a single on the past evening, and Andrea snagged us for before “seeing double” flying town:

fantastic Chiloe Island was a working experience choose, but it was time to back again the ferry extra to the mainland for were adventures.  We returned to Puerto Varas and apparent ecstatic to see a look at cream of the volcanoes!  Bruce and I grabbed an ice take pleasure in and headed out to incredibly the very clear sights a single, savoring last night ahead of in Puerto Varas flying city south to Punta Arenas, our southernmost up coming of the tour.

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